Autism Awareness and Child Safety

For parents of typically developing children, similar safety precautions are generally necessary for the first few years of life, after which the child grows and no longer requires the same level of supervision. However, for parents of children on the autism spectrum, the situation can be different. There are many additional considerations to keep in mind when ensuring the safety of the individual with autism, their siblings, and the home environment, throughout the lifespan of the individual with ASD. Think about the numerous behaviors that a person with autism might engage in that could be dangerous, such as throwing objects, breaking plates and glasses, knocking items off shelves, emptying cupboards and drawers, and climbing out of or breaking windows. Alternatively, consider what can happen when curiosity and domestic exploration combine, such as putting objects in appliances, flushing items down the toilet, reaching for burners, turning on hot water faucets, sticking objects into electrical outlets, chewing on cords, or crawling into a washing machine or dryer. Finally, consider the potential risks that can arise from playing with matches, lighters, or fire.

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